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July 17, 2019

The Color Wheel: Your New Best Friend

Bedroom Complementary Color Wheel

Color Wheel Organization

Color Wheel Primary Secondary Tertiary Colors

There are many ways of choosing what colors to combine within your color scheme, but they all come back to the color wheel.

Further on in this article, I'll take you through

  • Monochromatic Colors
  • Complementary Colors
  • Analogous Colors and the
  • Triad Color Scheme.

The color wheel shows us how colors naturally combine, blend and contrast.

The natural world does it brilliantly and we'll look at some examples of those but we can break it down quite logically. The color wheel is divided into 12 colors and three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary.

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July 4, 2019

Living Room Color Schemes

Yellow and Grey Decor

A Warm and Inviting Living Room Color Scheme. 

Yellow and White Daisies

Did you know that the first color that babies recognize is yellow? It's believed that it's because of our instinctive relationship with life-giving sun's rays. Flowers use it to attract bees, ensuring pollination and continuation of the species.

It's no wonder that yellow makes us feel happy.

This makes it an ideal choice as a highlight for our living room color scheme. And while there are many complimentary colors to use with it, including black and white, grey remains my favorite. The combination is just so elegant, warm and inviting.

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