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June 21, 2019

Bathroom Design Ideas

Stylized Bathroom

It's a common experience among creative people that they do some of their best thinking in the bathroom. This is because although bathroom use is for showering, shaving, applying makeup and so on, it's also where you relax. How much you relax is governed by your bathroom's ambience. If you’re tired of walking into your dated bathroom and dream of a change, I’ve got bathroom design ideas for you that are inexpensive and simple to do.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Lighting

Bathroom with Different Lighting

Lighting is probably the most important upgrade you can make to your bathroom. Lighting and color have a profound effect on our mood and upgrading them is a worthwhile investment. Changing your lighting is not difficult or expensive to do, but makes your bathroom look fresher and larger.

Older lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting cast unattractive shadows and create odd and unattractive skin tones. Changing the fixtures, either to something ultra modern or to an attractive retro look can have an amazing effect on how you feel in your bathroom. If changing the fixtures isn’t an option, you can just upgrade your bathroom with some of the new fluorescent bulbs that are similar in color warmth to the light cast on a bright, sunny day.

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