September 30, 2019

She Sheds Ideas and Pictures

She Shed in Back Garden

The She Shed

She Shed Ideas Interior

He's got his man-cave (see our article Ideas for a Man Cave) now it's your turn.

The she-shed is the answer and, like the man-cave, can take many different forms. But it should be a reflection of your personality.

Your she-shed should be a quiet getaway and easy to get to, so probably right in your backyard. The emphasis should be on your she-shed. Establish the rule right from the start that no one else goes there except by your invitation. A lock on the door is a must.


Maybe your house is noisy, but you need quiet for work or yoga or a hobby. Maybe your hobby or work could be dangerous around your small children. Maybe your children could be dangerous to your hobby or work. No matter the reason, a she shed is a place just for you. And so its interior decoration should reflect your needs, aspirations and personality. This article explores more she-sheds ideas and pictures.

Creating Your She-Shed

Old Shed Potential She-Shed

So what's your starting point?

If you've got an old shed in your backyard, you can start there. Have you been conveniently "forgetting" to clean out that old, cluttered shed?

Using she shed ideas and pictures to inspire the creation of your she-shed is the perfect motivation for finally getting it done. Go through all those old garden tools and boxes, then donate what you don't need anymore and organize the rest for storage. Taking your shed from old and ordinary to your personal space she-shed starts with the exterior. Painting it a calming color like light blue, or a feminine shade of purple or light yellow, will instantly give it new life. And white is always a classic color choice, so long as you use highlights on features like the door and window sills.

Color Your She-Shed

Color Wheel Primary Secondary Tertiary Colors

When looking for she sheds ideas and pictures to help choose both internal and external colors, it always pays to come back to the color wheel.

See my previous article The Color Wheel: Your New Best Friend for ideas.

The color wheel shows us how colors naturally combine, blend and contrast.

Before you pick a color palette, you must decide what kind of feel you want for your she-shed.. The color wheel is an essential decorating tool but you must have your end goal in mind. The ambience you want to achieve for your new she-shed needs to reflect your personality or, perhaps, the personality you'd like to project.

Generally speaking, the colors around the green, blue and purple area of the color wheel are cool and calming and the reds, pinks and yellows warmer and higher impact. They can create a more exciting feel.

You Can Start with a Kit

Turn a Kit Shed into a She Shed

There are some great kits around that you can use as the starter point for your brand new she-shed.

Look for "garden sheds" or, if you want something large and fancy with kitchen and bathroom, look under "granny flats". And sometimes a child's playhouse can be a wonderful starting point.

Sometimes you can find someone who just wants to get rid of a shed that was originally a kit and will give it to you so long as you dismantle it and take it away. But if you want something brand new, there are now plenty to choose from.

She Sheds Interiors: Ideas and Pictures

Refurbished Furniture for She Shed Decor

Decorating your she shed isn't about spending lots of money It's about creating a space that feels relaxed and cozy and says positive things about you. Look to flea markets, antique/junk shops and, of course, garage sales for unexpected finds.

Sometimes you can find sturdy old chairs and side tables for next to nothing (or literally nothing if you pick them up from someone else's throw-outs) and then totally refurbish them with a good sand down and two or three coats of paint.

And there's nothing like flowers and plants to add both color and fresh air to your she-shed.

If you haven't got it already, grab a copy of my free book Secrets to Lush, Healthy Indoor Plants and discover the best plants to inspire your she sheds ideas and pictures of plants that refresh and revive.

Emma Morgan

My name is Emma Morgan, and I want to inspire you to greatness! I am an Interior Decorator and Designer. Over the past few years, I have taught easy and basic interior design for homemakers who had a desire to decorate their own home, rather than paying for someone to do it for them. I love teaching and watching my students discover and grow in their creativity. Both you and I are going to have lots of fun creating easy and stylish projects for your home. What would you like to do?

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admin - November 2, 2019 Reply

Thank you so much, Emma, for the article on she-sheds.

I’ve been wanting to set up my own retreat space for some time, but had no idea of where to start. Now I have.

I’m definitely going to go out shopping for a kit and then I’m really looking forward to working out a colour scheme (your colour wheel is a great inspiration) and getting some curtains and other stuff.

For internal decoration, there’s a bric-a-brac shop near me that has stuff I love, but have never had anywhere to put it.

I’m so looking forward to this.

And I have an image in mind. Sitting in an armchair in my freshly decorated she-shed, enjoying a glass of chilled white. With the door closed! Just me time.

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