July 4, 2019

Living Room Color Schemes

Yellow and Grey Decor

A Warm and Inviting Living Room Color Scheme. 

Yellow and White Daisies

Did you know that the first color that babies recognize is yellow? It's believed that it's because of our instinctive relationship with life-giving sun's rays. Flowers use it to attract bees, ensuring pollination and continuation of the species.

It's no wonder that yellow makes us feel happy.

This makes it an ideal choice as a highlight for our living room color scheme. And while there are many complimentary colors to use with it, including black and white, grey remains my favorite. The combination is just so elegant, warm and inviting.


Living Rooms in Grey and Yellow

Grey Sofa with Yellow Cushions

Look at this living room color scheme.Decorated entirely in grey, yellow, black and white.

It's lively, refreshing and raises the mood because yellow reminds of spring and summer, which is especially necessary in cold seasons when we lack sunlight.

There's no huge expense involved in creating a living room color scheme like this one.

You can vary different shades of grey and different shades of yellow to achieve the effect you want. Choose subtle shades like dove grey or pale yellow for a calm and peaceful interior, and charcoal grey and neon yellow for daring bold interiors.

Add white to lighten the mood and black for dramatic contrast.

Notice how the yellow cushions and artwork (prints, not originals) add focal points with minimal cost. They are also very easy to rearrange for a new look.

Grey and Yellow in Nature

Grey, Yellow, Black and White in Nature

Honestly, you can't go wrong when you get your inspiration from the natural world.

Just look at these two birds, resplendent in grey, yellow, black and white, with the tiniest hint of red as an accent.

Do you think you could use this as a brilliant living room color scheme? Here are some ideas:

Buy a high-quality grey sofa. High quality means it will last for ten years at least and will remain comfortable throughout its lifetime. After ten years, you can probably sell it for at least half of what you paid for it. Grey means you will never get sick of it, because it's the perfect color to decorate around.

Then add  yellow, black, white and even red highlights.

Two black casual chairs to complete the suite, a dull yellow coffee table (or red if you want dramatic) plus lamps and prints on the walls with combinations of black, yellow and red.

The other color that might come into play is green.

Your friends, when they visit. Green with envy!

Accentuate with Yellow

Apartment Living Room in Grey and Yellow

Yellow can be more difficult to get right as it's easy to overdo and get a tasteless result. Your living room is somewhere to entertain and relax, so you don't want it to be too bold. If you already have a grey living room, you can add just some yellow accents that can be changed for others when you are tired of them: a console table, a couple of frames, a mantel, pillows and throws. You can also add some bold yellow artworks and stools or ottomans to enliven the room.

You can choose various shades of yellow to achieve various effects and create different ambiences. If you aren’t sure about bright shades, choose pale yellow, and it’ll look totally neutral.

Bold yellow looks cool and contrasting with very light or very dark grey, and neon yellow, too. If you love sunlight and want a lot of yellow, make the whole room yellow and then just infuse it with grey as you wish.

Use textiles, artworks, simple furniture like chairs, stools, tables and lamps to accentuate the space because it’s the easiest and the most budget-friendly way.

50 Shades of Grey

Living Room with Yellow Sofa

Well, maybe not 50, but if you use yellow as your main theme, as in the yellow sofa and ottoman shown above, then you are free to use the various attractive shades of grey as your accents.

This is the reverse of what I've been saying up to now, but it can work really well.

(Especially if you happen to have a panorama of grey mountains outside your living room window!)

Decorating with grey is easy as this color is good for everything: walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, upholstery and accessories, just vary the shades to get what you like. If you want something airy and neutral, choose dove grey, if not, charcoal grey is right what you need. Black will also look good and contrasting with grey and yellow. If you want a lighter look and an airy feel, add white or cream.

I Can Help With Your Living Room Color Scheme

Distressed Yellow

There are so many simple and inexpensive things that you can do to achieve a stunning living room color scheme.

Look at the beautiful conversation piece to the left.

The bird cage and the candle stick holders cost next to nothing from Amazon, the hall table was picked up for $10.00 in a garage sale and then painted in a distressed style with $4.90 worth of paint.

And the result is just beautiful.

In future posts, I'll show you exactly how you can acquire similar low-cost items from Amazon and exactly how you can combine and present them to create amazing decor items like these.

Please let me know in the comments section what you would like help or more information with.

I love answering your questions.

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