June 20, 2019

Interior Home Design Ideas

I'm pleased to be bringing you some ideas that you can incorporate into your own interior home design. I hope that you find them useful and you are welcome to leave me any comments or suggestions you may have in the Comments box below. I always respond to comments and would welcome your suggestions for future article topics.

How to Use Red in Your Home

Using Red for Interior Design Impact

There's no doubt that red makes a bold statement in any interior scheme. It’s a very energetic color and is often used to bring warmth and life to a room.

Red is the symbolic color of love, romance and passion.

High-octane orange-tinted tones make you feel energised and alive, while subtler purplish shades such as burgundy and maroon can create a cosy mood and inject a regal touch to a room.


In the kitchen

Red cabinets or a splashback are likely to date and expensive to replace, so a more subtle way to use red in the kitchen is to feature small red kitchen appliances that can add some spark to an all white or neutral kitchen. They won’t break the bank when you decide to change the look.

If however you really want to make a statement, then you could feature one large appliance in red, such as a freestanding stove, and make it the focal point of the room.

In the bedroom

Red is a sensual color that exudes richness and luxury, so it’s a great one to use in bedrooms. If you think it’s too overwhelming to paint all walls red, then I suggest painting just two adjoining walls in a dark red color.

To balance out the red, decorate the room with furniture and flooring in aged walnut or oak timbers and bone coloured linens. To give an Asian inspired look, use oriental printed wallpaper and fabrics.

For a more subtle look in the bedroom, incorporate red into your accessories such as cushions and ornaments, for just a pop of color, while keeping the wall paint color and furnishings neutral. This will evoke the passion associated with the color red without the intensity of the tone on your walls.

Kitchen Interior Design

Interior Design Kitchen

Kitchen Entertaining

Probably the most used room in the house, the kitchens is increasingly used to entertain guests.

As a real centrepiece to the home, the kitchen needs to be intuitive, accessible and easy to maintain, with more emphasis on open work spaces, multiple ovens and maximum utilization of storage.

Built-in seating areas, internet access and connectivity for iPads, laptops and tablets will help make the kitchen a major center for all members of the family.

From entertaining guests to everyday dining and organisation of the family, the kitchen is the hub of activity in most homes and deserves a designer face-lift.

Beautiful Benchtops

There are many, many wonderful benchtops available now in new and exciting materials and finishes.

There's the Super Matt Black Nano benchtop. Imported from Italy, it is resistant not only to fingerprints, but is also able to withstand knocks and scratches, is hygienic and easy to clean, waterproof, and resistant to dry heat and rubbing. It's easy to repair minor scratches and scuffs.Moisten the surface with a piece of damp kitchen paper, then pass over the scratch with a hot iron to repair the damage.

Caesarstone has a great Sleek Concrete benchtop. Warm grey tones with a concrete look, it appeals to those seeking a chic finish to their kitchen or a top that complements a modern industrial style.

Transitional Kitchens

With a mixture of traditional charm and contemporary chic, transitional kitchens strike just the right balance in your home. Blending old with new provides a great deal of flexibility and is an excellent choice for homeowners who don't want to confine themselves to a single style. The combination of profiled shaker doors, stainless steel appliances and textured surfaces provide a creative and personalised space.

DIY Interior Home Design Ideas

Modern Interior Design Kitchen

So there you have just two ideas for DIY interior home design. I'll be bringing you lots more ideas, along with step by step instructions to achieve the looks you want in future articles.

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