August 16, 2019

Ideas for a Man Cave

The Original Man Cave

Man Cave Decor Ideas

Man Cave with Bar and Pool Table

Man caves have multiple purposes. They are a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with male friends.

It is by definition (though not always in practice) a male-only space where the man of the house can retreat to watch sports matches and play games such as pinball, pool and poker. Or just to hang out with friends.

According to psychiatrist and author Scott Haltzman, it is important for a man to have a place to call his own. A male area that he can retreat to, where he feels in control. It is a place where other people's sensibilities about standards of tidiness are not necessarily observed. Rules are relaxed.


For a married man, it's an opportunity to recreate some of the freedom of their bachelor days, when they had their own pad or even just college dorm room, where friends could come and go as they pleased. It is where a man doesn't have to be on his best behavior, where no women are around, and he can kick back and relax without fear of criticism.

Writer and handyman Sam Martin claims that men have had an identity problem since the women's movement. They have tried to figure out who they're supposed to be. For a while women wanted them to be more sensitive, so they were more sensitive. Then women wanted them to be more manly. One of the things I discovered is when men have their own man cave, what they put inside of it is really an expression of who they are.

Man Cave with Pool Table and Pinball Machine

Man space is about establishing an identity for a man. Our premise is that women have control of the look and the feel of the house and that left guys wanting more. Anybody who has a specific interest or hobby or work or collection is going to want a space to indulge that. Sam Martin, in the Chicago Tribune, 2007.

Martin thinks that any space in the house will do, even a lounge chair and a set of headphones, provided there's an agreement with the wife or girlfriend that the space is under the control of the man. The advantages of a self-contained room are that male-oriented design choices, such as tacky lamps and beer-can sculptures, are out of sight of women, but in a way that doesn't disturb female sensibilities since visitors generally don't visit the man cave. It's like a firehouse lounge room, but in the home.

You can build your man cave anywhere you have some spare space.

This could be in your garage, basement, out building, attic or even an unused, neglected bungalow. But how do you decorate it? What are some ‘must haves' to complete any man cave?

That's what I’m aiming to share with you here. Some ideas about how you can create your own personalized man cave oasis.

The She-Shed

Women have created similar spaces in which they can relax and pursue hobbies. These have been referred to as "she-sheds" and "girl-caves". I'll be covering these in the next article.

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One of the Best Ideas for a Man Cave: The Pinball Machine

Pinball machines take guys (and girls) back to an era when arcades were full of them, along with the wonderful sounds of the balls hitting and lighting up the obstacles and without an electronic substitute in sight.

Many become collectors' items and see their value increasing year by year.

A pinball machine is a wonderful addition to a man cave, and the Star Wars pro, available from Amazon, is one of the best.

Star Wars Pinball Machine Side View 400

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A really good pinball machine is a major investment but it's one that will repay you over and over again with endless hours of fun.

Imagine how envious your friends will be as they relive all the excitement and enjoyment of playing similar machines in the arcades of their youth!

Battle it out to see who's going to end up with the highest score.

(You'll have an unfair advantage, of course, as you'll be able to play whenever you like, as often as you like, and just keep on getting better and better). Will anyone be able to get a higher score than you? Probably not.

Buy this masterpiece for yourself, or you could try showing the images and links on this screen to your partner and kids a couple of weeks before Father's Day, Christmas or your birthday.

Star Wars Pinball Machine Top View 400

The Star Wars Pro Pinball Machine is available from Amazon. Click on the link above to get it for the best price available.

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Stern's Star Wars Pro edition pinball machine will immerse players in the dynamic and challenging Star Wars pinball environment as they battle to restore justice to the galaxy.

The soundtrack features original John Williams Star Wars music played on a stereo Hi-Fidelity sound System with 3 channel amplifier and adjustable bass and treble.

The pinball machine features the best of the beloved franchise, featuring the cast of episodes IV, V, & VI complete with beautiful hand-drawn art by a cadre of talented artists.

It's powered by the Spike-2 electronic system that enables high-definition graphics and innovative animation on an HD LCD screen.

Players will be mesmerized by the interactive molded Death Star complete with 9 Green Super Laser Weapon LED's on the playfield.

Prints for Man Cave Wall Art

You need specific types of prints to reflect your ideas for a man cave. And let's face it. They're not going to be a field of golden daffodils. Here are eight from Amazon that won't break the bank.

Note that you will still need to get these framed. If you have a framing shop nearby, they will usually do an excellent job at a reasonable price. Don't go for anything fancy. A plain black frame works best.

Displaying Your Man Cave Prints

Hockey Stick Picture Hanger

If you have an old hockey stick lying around, or can pick up one cheap at a garage sale, it makes a great looking picture hanger for your man cave.

Just because it’s a man cave doesn’t mean that you won’t want to hang up a few pictures. You could have pictures of those you love hanging in your space, or of great adventures you and your buddies took.

Either way, if you are a hockey fan, then you’ll love this idea. You can attach the hockey stick to the wall with plugs for a masonry wall or spring loaded or gravity toggles for a veneered wall.  Then just hang the prints from the hockey stick and allow them to hang down in separate frames.

Man Cave Idea: Key Organizer

Seat Belt Buckle as Key Holder

Are you the sort of person who misplaces their keys and then suffers the frustration of not being able to lay their hands on them when they're in a hurry to get going?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Everyone does it some of the time and some people do it all of the time.

Well, here's a neat solution.

And it has that man-cave ambience written all over it.

All you need is the belt buckle from a car seat belt.

You can usually get them for nothing, or next to nothing, from a wrecker's yard. Or you could get a new one from your local dealer's spare parts section.

Attach the tongue from the buckle assembly to your key ring and attach the buckle, along with a short strip of seat belt to the wall of your man cave. You can use a bit of blu tack to prevent the buckle from moving up the wall when you insert the tongue.

How About an Industrial Strength Toilet Roll Holder?

Man Cave Toilet Paper Holder

If you are lucky enough to have an en-suite off your man cave, then you probably don't want a pretty porcelain toilet roll holder in pink and gold.

Easily fixed with these great man cave ideas.

Instead of going to the bathroom shop, try plumber's supplies.

Use your imagination to build a truly unique toilet roll holder from pipes and elbow joints.

With various sizes of pipes available, experiment until you get the perfect counter. You'll find that the staff in the plumbing shop will join in enthusiastically and come up with lots of design ideas and suggestions. Build an industrial looking structure that will hold one, two or three toilet rolls.

And, speaking about toilet rolls...

Use Your Toilet Paper to Make a Political Statement

Trump Toilet Paper
Clinton Toilet Paper
Obama Toilet Paper

Why make do with plain old toilet paper?

Whether you're Democrat or Republican, left leaning, right leaning or center, there's almost certainly a politician that you'd like to see displayed here.

Just Google "political face toilet paper" to find online suppliers.

Wall Mounted TV

Finally, something every man-cave needs is a large flat-screen wall mounted TV (just like the one in the pub) with a subscription to the sports channel. Coupled with a bar fridge full of cold beer, of course.

This 65" LG is not just one of the best, but arguably the best value around.

Order with complete confidence and free delivery from Amazon. Click now to get the best price.

Note that the price is hidden when you click on the above link and go to Amazon. This is because Amazon's price for this item is lower than the manufacturer's recommended. To see the price, just add the item to your shopping cart. Don't worry, this won't force you to buy it!

Round out your purchase with a wall mount and sound bar for the ultimate viewing experience.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas for a man-cave. My next article will explore the creation of a she-shed.

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Phil Lancaster - November 2, 2019 Reply

What a great article, Emma.

I loved the key organizer. What a great use of an old seat belt buckle. I’m always hunting for my keys and being held up at the last minute. This will fix that (as long as I get into the habit of using the key holder every time I get home).

And the industrial strength toilet holder really makes a positive man-cave statement!

Now all I have to do is let my wife know that a new flat-screen TV that I can mount on the wall would be a great Xmas present.

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